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If you haven’t bought a paper shredder yet, make it a point to do so. Thieves often look through garbage, trying to find credit card information or other important documents. If you can’t get a paper shredder, try ripping papers into smaller pieces.

Hide your valuables in the walls. Small valuables fit nicely inside walls. Just access unused switch plates, outlets or phone jacks. Installing a false unused plate is very easy to do if your home doesn’t have one.

Few security measures are more powerful deterrents to thieves than video cameras. The burglars that have masks in movies are generally fictional. Most actual burglars do not wear a mask. They do not expect to be seen. Burglars who see a surveillance camera in place usually beat a hasty retreat.

Be sure your home appears to always be occupied. Buy timers so that lights, radios, TVs and all other electronics turn on and off at various times. This way, it will appear that you are at home. This helps you keep your house burglar-free.

If you sign a contract for a security company, read all the fine print first. Sometimes there are hidden costs involved if you decide to let your service go before the contract expires or add additional equipment at a later point. Try avoiding these fees when you can so that you know about them.

Keep the windows on the second floor of your home locked. Many folks forget about these, thinking ignorantly that burglars don’t check. This isn’t so. A criminal can use a ladder, after all.

You should be concerned about the type of security you have for your home. There is no telling when an intruder may get into your house and steal your valuables or hurt your loved ones. Read the tips in this article so you can get ideas on making your home safe. If you have purchased any large and/or expensive items, do not throw the boxes away until the day before the trash man is scheduled to come. Having these type of boxes hanging around will give robbers a good idea of what type of merchandise you have inside of your home.


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