Tips And Advice On The Way To Prepare Your Puppy

Training is an ongoing process – your dog needs to be constantly reminded of the rules! Often, owners get the feeling that they do not need to continue working with the dog once it is trained. Some dogs will revert back to negative behaviors if the training does not continue. That is why it is vital to ensure your dog maintains a strict rule system.

Though you actually can teach older dogs some new things, it is important to take note of medical problems or other conditions that could reduce an older dog’s readiness to perform certain tasks. For example, if your dog has arthritis, asking him to crawl long distances may not be very practical. Training can be helpful for the cognitive functioning of a dog, and that is good for older dogs. You also need to be looking out for any pain your dog may be in if they are older. Food should not be the only reward that you offer your dog for correct behavior. Food is something that your dog must have to survive. Therefore, you should find other ways to reward your dog. Give your dog a bit of praise in addition to food treats. To improve the efficiency of your training routine, make sure your dog eats and poops at around the same time every day. This way, you are aware of when your dog will need to do his business, and you can take him outside before an accident occurs. Having a regular schedule will help your dog know that a potty break will be coming, and he will hold learn to hold his bathroom urges until that time. Pay attention to what makes your dog bark. You can address the behavior better once you realize what the triggers are. You could bring your dog into these situations and correct it when it starts barking.


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